Traditional French Baguette

Preparation Time
Waiting Time
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We weigh all of our ingredients separately. We dissolve the yeast in the water. We put the flour and the mixture of the yeast and water into the mixer with the hook tool. We knead for about 5 minutes at a slow speed and then we add the salt and we knead for another 5 minutes. We increase the speed in the mixer and we continue mixing for another 5 minutes. We lower the speed and we leave the dough rest in a basin or in a plastic bowl for 20 minutes by making the dough like a ball. After 20 minutes, we remove the air from the dough and we leave the dough rest again for 1 hour. We cut into 100 gr. our dough and fold it up, fold it down, and with both hands, we open in baguettes about 30 cm. We place them in a pan with non-stick paper and cover them with a towel in a warm place. We carve our baguettes, and in a preheated oven we bake at 210C for 15-20 minutes.

Chef: Iosif Petrof




  • Mixer
  • Bowl
  • Pan