Plathoume Ygeia

“Platho Ygeia” is a new attitude of life!

It’s philosophy is based on the marriage of the traditional values of bakery and pastry and the need of modern man to secure the most precious good, health.

The “Platho Ygeia” baking products combine the quality raw materials, the ingredients that are beneficial for the health of the human body, the quality of the fresh product and, of course, the art of the baker.

Look for them in the neighborhood bakery!

GI-48 Baking products

The GI-48 bread has a glycemic index of 48, contains 7 grains, among them hemp, chia and quinoa and is very tasty. Glycemic index is a measure of the rate of increase of blood sugar levels after eating foods containing carbohydrates. According to the Harvard Medical School, foods with a glycemic index below 55 are classified as low glycemic index. Foods with low glycemic index gradually increase insulin and blood sugar levels and contribute to better glycemic control. The glycemic index is important not only for those who want to control it but also for those who want to lose weight more easily and also for the health and well-being of the body.


Tritordeum Baking Products

Tritordeum is a new natural cereal born from the combination of durum wheat (Triticum durum) and a wild barley (Hordeum chilense). Tritordeum contains gluten, but its quality is different from wheat, which makes it more digestible. It also contains 10 times more lutein than wheat, an antioxidant beneficial for eye health and skin protection. It has more oleic acid than wheat, a monounsaturated fatty acid characteristic of the Mediterranean diet that helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It has more fiber than wheat, with positive effects on health. In addition, the tritordeum is a sustainable grain as its crop needs little water and is highly resistant. It is 100% traceable, as it comes from selected Greek farmers, making the origin of each batch easily traceable. Finally, tritordeum bakery products have unique characteristics. Sweet taste, natural aroma and golden yellow color!


Baking products from Triticum Dicoccum (Farro)

Triticum dicoccum is one of the oldest cereals known to man and was a key component of the diet of ancient Greeks. It is considered as one of the healthiest foods because of its high content in fiber and minerals. The glycemic index is lower than common wheat. Moreover, although it contains gluten, its composition is such, that makes baking products more digestible.

Carob Baking Products

Carob flour products contain a certain percentage of carob flour. Carob is a food rich in nutrients and is what preserved St. John the Baptist during his wandering in the desert as well as much of the Greek population during the World War II. Carob flour is an ideal substitute for cocoa and chocolate. Also because it contains almost 50% sugars, it can replace a significant part of the sugar in the various recipes. Compared to chocolate it has 60% fewer calories, while compared to cocoa it has the same calories but 1/10 of it in fat. Finally, it is particularly rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium as well as vitamins B2 & B6.


Baking products from Dinkel

Dinkel grain is produced from an ancient wheat variety of excellent quality that belongs to the same family as the common wheat. The particularity lies in the mild taste, high nutritional value and tough outer peel which protects the core, maintaining nutrients. Dinkel is not suitable for people suffering from celiac disease. However some people with allergies or mild gluten intolerance accept Dinkel without unpleasant symptoms in their digestive system.

Baking products with Chia seeds

Chia plant belongs to the mint family and grows in central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. Aztecs who were consuming chia seeds, considered them as a source of energy and power. During the recent years, chia seeds have been recognized as superfood and they are increasingly spread to the western world. The seeds when mixed with water, swell and create a kind of gel. In that characteristic Chia seeds owe their reputation as being suitable for weight loss. Chia seeds are rich in protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, boron and antioxidants. They are also a good source of magnesium, iron and potassium.

Baking products with Flaxseed

Flaxseed is a source of omega-3 fatty acids in the form of ALA, which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. Moreover, it is an excellent source of fiber and manganese and is rich in folic acid, vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and copper. Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats that are present in two forms. One form is the EPA and DHA fatty acids which are present in high levels in fish like salmon and sardines. The other form is the essential for the body ALA fatty acid which is present in plant seeds such as linseed. Specifically, ALA is not formed by the body, but is taken up only via food.

Baking products with Wheat Germ

The germ is the part of the wheat grain which will germinate and give us the new plant. In a white flour germ is removed entirely, while in whole grain flour is maintained, but is only 2.5% of the seed. Flour with wheat germ contains five times the quantity of germ of a whole grain flour in order to provide additional health benefits. The wheat germ is considered one of the most nutritious foods as it provides a significant amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins, such as vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium, thiamine, phosphorus, zinc. Wheat germ is also rich in fiber and contains only polyunsaturated fat, while it contains no salt.

Buckwheat Baking Products

Buckwheat belongs to the so-called pseudo-cereals, while it has prevailed to be called “black wheat”. Its fruits are a very nutritious food for humans and have a high nutritional value. It is rich in magnesium, iron, vitamins thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3) and pyridoxine (B6). It is a very good source of starch, and the nutritional value of buckwheat proteins is comparable to sources of animal protein as it contains all the essential amino acids (lysine, threonine, tryptophan, etc.) while its seeds contain a significant number of nutrients with strong antioxidant and antioxidant properties, such as flavonoids, phagocytins, dietary fiber and other elements.


Kamut Baking Products

Kamut is an ancient seed with excellent nutritional characteristics, suitable for people with an active lifestyle.

Khorasan wheat is an ancient cereal originating from Mesopotamia and Egypt, which has survived to the present day. Its seed, also known as Kamut, is an excellent source of protein, fiber, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin B3 (niacin). It is also high in minerals such as selenium, copper, manganese and molybdenum.

Kamut also contains polyphenols and carotenoids that have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Due to its excellent nutritional characteristics, it is especially suitable for athletes and people with an active lifestyle and of course it is ideal for anyone looking for high nutritional value.


Quinoa Baking Products

It is believed that Quinoa was first cultivated around 5000 years ago at Lake Titicaca which borders Peru and Bolivia. Incas, referred to quinoa as ‘chisaya mama’, or the mother of all grains.
Quinoa is a complete protein, one of the only plant foods offering all nine of the essential amino acids the human body needs in a healthy balance. Quinoa has high amounts of potassium, which helps control blood pressure, and is rich in antioxidants that may help to manage type two diabetes. Though tiny, quinoa has been found to help you feel fuller, longer.



Teff Baking Products

Teff has been grown in Africa for centuries and thrives in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Teff is used to make different kinds of injera, a leavened flatbread eaten with most meals in Ethiopia. It is a staple of Ethiopia’s diet and accounts for about two thirds of its daily protein intake. Teff differs from other seeds in having a higher calcium content, as one cup of cooked Teff contains about the same amount of calcium as half a cup of cooked spinach or yogurt.