Delights of Crete

Delights of Crete is a commercial alliance of four historical companies from Crete, that intend to promote Cretan products together, beyond local and national borders.

Our vision is that products involved in Delights of Crete pass on the values ​​of Cretan nutrition and become synonymous with quality Cretan products, whose guiding principle will be respect for tradition and mankind.

Starting with basic goods produced in Crete such as flour, olive oil, juices and milk, Delights of Crete aims to support primary production in Crete and contribute to the openness of local businesses, enabling the consumer to enjoy the delights of Crete.


Companies that participate in Delights of Crete are:

  • MILLS OF CRETE began producing flour in the port of Souda in Crete in 1928. They are now among the largest companies in the industry in Greece, while their productive activity spans throughout four areas: professional flour, consumer flour, animal feed, biomass.
  • ΑΒΕΑ was founded in 1889 in Chania and is the oldest olive oil industry in Greece. Today it is present in sectors such as production of extra virgin olive oil, production of soaps and cosmetics from olive oil, production of refined olive oil and pomace oil.
  • ΒΙΟΧΥΜ, is the first juicing industry in Greece and was founded in 1956 in Chania and is now one of the few factories in the country that deals with citrus processing and juice production.
  • DIARIES OF CRETE produces the dairy products under the brand name Vero Cretan that are present in the Greek market since 2002 and are recognized for their high quality and pure raw materials.