The Day's Milk

Now the consumer can buy his daily milk from the neighborhood bakery in 3 easy steps!

He takes a bottle, puts it under the machine by pressing the lever, and pays to the cashier. This ensures economy and reduction of waste thanks to the reusable bottle.

Goat milk

Vero Cretan goat milk is sourced exclusively from free-range goats, which are reared and fed in Crete. The island’s unique ecosystem, with a rich fauna, aromatic plants and herbs, gives an outstanding flavour to our goat’s milk. Vero Cretan Goat Milk is treated with a special natural deodorization process, which minimises the aromas but maintains the rich flavour, so as to be ideal for consumption by adults and children alike.

Cow Milk

Vero Cretan cow milk is collected from select Greek farms that meet the highest standards in animal husbandry. It is
subjected to daily checks of hygiene and quality, under the direction of specialised scientific staff and with the support of the latest technologies, so you can enjoy a high quality milk. Vero Cretan Cow Milk has a rich and pleasant taste while preserving its rich natural nutritional characteristics. Available in full fat and light.