The Forage Factory

In 1975, MILLS of CRETE operated a new plant for the production of Animal Feed to meet the needs of the island’s livestock. To date, there has been significant progress and development both in the technological methods used and in the quality improvement and specialization in animal feed. In 1995, at the same plant, a new improved feed production line was set up, applying new revolutionary production methods.

The specialization in foods that meet the needs of the breeders and the new reality that has been shaped has led the company early in the production of feed derived exclusively from pure raw materials, as well as in the production of organic feed. The raw materials are accompanied by corresponding certificates both from MAICh (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania) as well as from the research laboratories of the University of Thessaloniki.

The feeds of MILLS of CRETE form a complete range of products, which includes the following categories: sheep, goat, poultry, rabbit, cattle, pigs, hunting, horses and ostriches. The specialization of MILLS of CRETE in feed products has led to the creation of over 70 specialized products designed to fully meet the different needs of livestock and livestock farmers.

Quality Control

Based on scientific knowledge, experience, quality of raw materials and with a modern technological infrastructure, MILLS of CRETE offer products that guarantee natural nutrition and the optimum yield for the breeding.

The quality control of feed is the first, absolutely necessary, step in the classification of cereals meant for animal feed. This determines the nutrient content of forage, antidiarrheal agents, undesirable substances or residues. The suitability for use in the diet is assessed and the restrictions for their proper use are set so that the rations under preparation are balanced.

By balancing animal nutrition, their productive potential is increased, health is assured and the life span is extended, the quality and the organic value of animal products are improved.

In the fully equipped and staffed staff of MILLS of CRETE, daily checks are carried out on both raw materials and finished products before they are made available.

Today the effort to ensure quality has now been extended to the production area. Particular emphasis has been given to systematic training of employees on quality and production of safe and healthy finished products, while the control has been extended to all stages of production.

Within the framework of the above principles, MILLS of CRETE implement certified systems:

  • ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Assurance and
  • ISO 22000: 2005 – Food Safety (HACCP)
  • GR-BIO-13: Certification of Organic Products

Technical Assistance

Mills of Crete provide technical support through a group of agronomists-life scientists, who through continuous visits provide continuous training, and solutions tailored to the unit and livestock breeders.

In addition to the visits to the units, MILLS of CRETE organize each year a series of workshops in selected areas of Greece with specialized themes where the opportunity is presented to present the latest scientific data in the field of nutrition and management of farm animals. The great acceptance and interest of the producers in the workshops is an incentive for the continuation of the effort to inform the producer about the modern scientific facts and the problems he faces, proposing management solutions for the ergonomics and efficiency of his rearing practices.