It is our responsibility

MILLS OF CRETE with a high sense of responsibility towards society, people and the environment undertake important actions every year, such as:

  • Support of vulnerable social groups through soup kitchens, social grocery stores etc., with sponsorships in food products.
  • Supporting the local community and institutions that promote tradition and culture in relation to nutrition and health.
  • Participation in local and international actions that promote the Cretan diet and its benefits.
    Creation and implementation of educational programs for children concerning bread, rusks, the Cretan diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Conducting training seminars for professional bakers, confectioners and cooks on a stable basis in order to train and promote their profession.
  • Collaboration with educational institutions for the implementation of specialized innovations and confectionery programs.
  • Collaboration with research institutes dealing with research and innovation in various scientific fields concerning nutrition and the environment.
  • Reduce the use of resources and energy through renewable energy sources, such as olive wood, produced by the company itself.
  • Reduction of waste and exploitation of by-products of production through their processing and the creation of alternative materials such as olive cake.
  • Use of ecological methods of insecticide without the use of chemical preparations.