Preparation Time
4 hours
Waiting Time
Difficulty Level


To prepare your pizza dough, crumble fresh brewer’s yeast into a bowl. Add some water, stir the mixture, and let it rest for a few minutes. Pour the rest of the water into a jug, dissolve the salt, and add the oil. Place the flour and yeast in a bowl and pour into the jug with the wet ingredients. Start mixing everything by hand. Let the mixture on an oiled surface, so the dough will not stick. Put some oil in your hands and start kneading from the outer edges (you take the dough and fold it towards the center). Repeat this process several times. Form into a smooth ball and place in a large lightly oiled bowl. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap or a towel and let the dough rest for at least 3 hours at 30-32°C. For optimal rising, make sure that the dough does not get air and make sure that the room temperature does not exceed 40°C, otherwise, the yeast may spoil. Once the dough has tripled in size, you can roll it out. Add the tomato, mozzarella, and the ingredients you prefer to prepare your pizza. Alternatively, sprinkle with olive oil and serve a simple and aromatic focaccia!

Chef: Giorgio Manganiello




  • Bowl
  • Jag
  • Baking pan