Bread & Baking

T70 Strong

Strong flour with high water absorption and good swelling. It gives bread with excellent structure and thin crust.
Suitable for spiral mixers.

T70 Soft

Soft flour for handmade doughs which offers good swelling. It gives delicious handmade bread with good structure.
Ideal for use in simple mixers.

Τ70 50/50

Intermediate flour type, a mixture of T70 Strong and T70 Mild with good water absorption and swelling. Suitable for
use in both spiral and simple mixers.

Τ70 Pita Bread

Soft flour that gives fluffy dough with great extensibility and offers ease of molding. Specially designed for souvlaki pita bread and arabic bread.

Soft Pastry

Soft flour suitable for all uses of pastry such as biscuits, cookies, buns, cakes etc.


Flour 55% offering high water absorption. Suitable for use in baking and pastry. Ideal for white bread, cover charge, sandwiches, toast, sliced bread etc.

Pasas Bread

White flour from high-quality wheats, with the intense aroma and rich flavor of long fermentation.

Available in 25 kg sack.