Loukoumades with xinomizithra and balsam

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I mix the xinomyzithra with the strained yogurt, and the mint chopped in small pieces. I knead until the mixture is homogenized and then I make small circular balls of about 30 grams and I place them in the refrigerator to tighten. I mix in a bowl the flour, with sugar and salt. Then in another bowl, I add the yeast or the brewed leaven with all the liquids and I mix lightly. Then I slowly add the flour mixture and I knead until I get a soft smooth dough. I let the dough rest and double for 45 minutes. I cut the dough into 40 grams of balls. and I open them slightly in my palm, I place a ball of cheese in the center and I wrap it with the dough and I mold it so that I can untie the air and not lose the shape. In a deep bowl, I add the semolina, the black sesame, and the sesame seeds. I slightly batter the balls. I place them in a baking dish with baking sheet and I bake for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees, or I fry on medium heat until they brown.

Chef: Konstantina Voulgari Kontesopoulou




  • Bowl
  • Baking dish
  • Pan