PΚ-60: with milk powder for the weaning of lambs

PK-60 is a supplemental food for the suckling of lambs. It is enriched with milk products to have high digestibility. Food can be given to the lambs from the 18th day as a supplement to suckling. Food should not be changed on the same day as weaning. At least 5 days before weaning or 5 days after weaning, we gradually change the diet by switching from PK-60 to PK-3.

During this 5-day period, you can gradually reduce the amount of PK-60 and fill with PK-3. The diet plan that initially combines PK-60 and then PK-3 achieves more fat lambs in less fattening time. The amount of food is slowly rising every day in the first 5 days to get the animals to eat and not to be greedy.

Total Nitrogenous Substances15.00
Total Oily Substances2.50
Fibrous Substances8.50
Total Phosphorus
Vitamin Α UI/Kg9.000,0
Vitamin D3 UI/Kg1.800,0
Vitamin E (a- Tokopherols) UI/Kg30,0

Animals must always have plenty of cool and clean water. You must always ingest your animals against enterotoxemia twice a year. Make sure that you always apply the vaccination program proposed by Veterinarians. Follow the right hygiene and living standards.


Barley, Corn, Wheat, Oat, Sunflower flour, Soy flour, Olive Oil seed flour, Wheat Bran, Citrus pulp, Vegetable fat, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Sodium bicarbonate, Monocalcium phosphate, Yeasts, Bentonite, Vitamins and Trace elements.

40 Kg