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"Platho Ygeia" is a new life stance!


Platho Ygeia’s philosophy is based on the combination of traditional values of baking and patisserie and the need of contemporary man to insure his most valuable asset, his health.

The Mills of Crete, always pioneering on Research and Development of new flour products, have created the "Platho Ygeia" product range which aims to complement the nutritious gaps of the modern lifestyle.

The "Platho Ygeia" product range is composed of flours and flour mixes fortified with beneficial ingredients necessary to reinforce the health of people of all ages.

The "Platho Ygeia" baking products combine high-quality raw materials, ingredients that are beneficial for health, the superior quality of freshly made products and of course the art of the baker.

Ask for "Platho Ygeia" baking products in the neighbourhood bakery!


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